Apple Spice Cake Loose Leaf Tea

From the Garden of Eden apple to American apple pie, the apple scent can be homey and comforting. When you want something sweet but don't want the calories, try our Apple Spice Cake Loose Leaf Tea. The tin may say Pinky Up! but this tea is just as at home on a Tuesday evening at the book club as it is at a formal afternoon tea. Serve it up in teacups or take it on-the-go in a thermal cup.

While the Apple Spice Cake Loose Leaf Tea has a sweet scent and candle ambiance, it doesn't have a ton of calories. The 3.5 ounce tin of loose leaf tea features herbal ingredients and natural flavors. Gift this apple spicy tea to a favorite foodie or English transplant; it makes a great housewarming gift in its beau-tea-ful tin. Just add a teacup, honey sticks, and some fancy sugar cubes so your host can have a sweet cuppa at any time.

Apple Spice Cake Loose Leaf Tea Features:

Packaging:  Tin case