Winky Life Wrap Scarf - Purple Seahorse - Scarves | Unique Gifts at Karma Kiss  - 1

You can’t go wrong by adding the Winky Life Wrap Scarf Purple Seahorse to your wardrobe or that of a loved one. 

This wonderfully fashionable accessory adds just the right degree of chic that you want to achieve a match with any outfit in your wardrobe.

$ 29.00 $ 5.80
Walk On Map - NYC Flip Flops - Footwear | Unique Gifts at Karma Kiss  - 1

The Walk on Map NYC Flip Flops is a very unique and fun way to move around, especially if you are in New York City. 

These flip flops are designed with the map of the New York subway system. The ingenious design is one that is not likely to have been seen before and offers stylish appeal to what would ordinarily be very common footwear.

$ 30.00 $ 3.20
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  • ABC 4 Utah
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Silent Sweep No Tick Tock Talking Alarm Clock Cow

Cow Moo Sound Talking Alarm Clock

$ 25.00 $ 6.00
Alexandra Ferguson - Makeup Case GLAM

Alexandra Ferguson - Makeup Case GLAM

$ 33.00 $ 6.60
Alexandra Ferguson - Makeup Case WTF Cream / Turquoise

Alexandra Ferguson - Makeup Case WTF

$ 33.00 $ 6.60
Fluff Tattoo Pooch - Luggage Tag - Luggage Tags | Unique Gifts at Karma Kiss  - 1

Your luggage will stand out from the crowd when you attach this whimsical luggage tag.

Animal lovers will enjoy this pooch tag, inspired by vintage tattoo art. 

This tag is made from sturdy, shiny vinyl and is soft and ‘fluffy’ to the touch. Available in a variety of dogs; please specify which one “woofs” to you!

$ 14.00 $ 2.40
Fluff Cute Dogs - Luggage Tag - Luggage Tags | Unique Gifts at Karma Kiss  - 1

You can’t go wrong with the Fluff Cute Dogs Luggage Tag. The name, in fact, sums it up perfectly – It’s adorably cute. 

This item is the perfect - must have - accessory for luggage and will definitively set your property apart from the throng of bags that often pile up at airports and other transportation hubs.

$ 14.00 $ 2.40
BAR10DER Cocktail Spinner - Gray - Kitchen Fun | Unique Gifts at Karma Kiss  - 1

The BAR10DER Cocktail Spinner is just the item you need around anytime the occasion call for making a few drinks.

While James Bond is famous for wanting his martinis shaken and not stirred, the vast majority of folks prefer the latter. Now, with this incredibly handy item, you can easily whip up a stirred martini with minimal effort. Simply add in your ingredients, spin the top portion and you are ready to serve the perfectly mixed martini.

$ 30.00 $ 6.00
Magnetic Frame - Robots

Magnetic Frame - Robots

$ 15.00 $ 3.00
Standing Magnetic Frame - Babushka

Standing Magnetic Frame

$ 19.00 $ 3.80
Magnetic Frame Butterflies - Yellow

Magnetic Frame Butterflies

$ 15.00 $ 3.00
White Robot Grind-Up Salt Grinder - Salt & Pepper Shakers | Unique Gifts at Karma Kiss  - 1

The innovative and small tools we have around the house are the ones that are frequently needed yet never found. This is a great addition that can help contribute toward a new kind of dining experience, the intergalactic kind.

This salt grinder of robotic theme is sure to make the family meal a little more exciting, and that much more appealing to the little ones of the house. The kind of grain you hope to achieve is easy to set up, which can be achieved by turning clockwise for fine grain and counter-clockwise for coarse grain.

$ 19.00 $ 3.80
Animal Backpack Collection - Blue Dog - Backpacks | Unique Gifts at Karma Kiss

Your elementary to middle school aged kid can head off to school and take a buddy with them when they are equipped with this Dog-emblazoned backpack from the Animal Backpack Collection. 

In shades of blue on a blue and green background, his smiling face awaits them at the beginning and end of every school day.

$ 60.00 $ 8.40