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Franklin 12 Ceramic Self Watering Pot

The Franklin Self-Watering Planter combines classic design with sub-irrigation technology for a planter that's equal parts form and function. 

Our patented sub-irrigation insert and specially formulated aeration stones allow plants to drink from the roots, just as nature intended.

Simply lift the planter to refill the dish below when the reservoir is empty. Watering from below ensures fast growth and healthy plants. It's never been easier to know when and how much to water your plants!

Planter is made from glazed ceramic.
Each planter includes aeration stones and a sub-irrigation insert.
For further information, read How To Use Our Self-Watering Planters.

SET UP: Place the Sub-Irrigation Insert into the planter, fill the pot with the included Aeration Stones, and pot your plant. Give the plant a heavy watering when first planted, until water runs freely out of the bottom of the Sub-Irrigation Insert. From here, you'll want to top-water for 2-4 weeks, until the plant's roots grow down into the reservoir. You can test to make sure the plant's roots have grown down by filling up the reservoir 1/4 to 1/2 way. If the water level goes down on its own, you're in business.

Make sure that you give your plant a "dry-out" period between refilling the reservoir, usually 2-5 days depending on the plant.

This planter can also be used in the same way as a traditional planter with a saucer.

Our self watering planters were designed through years of experience working as professional horticulturists. By taking care of hundreds of thousands of plants in one of the most inhospitable environments for plants (New York City office spaces), we found that most indoor plants crave one thing above all else: consistency. Since most "indoor" plants are from equatorial regions of the globe, they're used to stable environments and small shifts in the seasons.

Imagine if every time you got thirsty, you had to wait two days and then be forced to chug a gallon of water. Sounds stressful, right? By watering from the bottom, instead of the top, the plants roots are able to grow into the water reservoir and they're able to administer their own moisture, at their own pace. These planters have the added benefit of being able to see the plant's roots directly, so you can troubleshoot your plant's health without needing to un-plant it. Additionally, the design allows for increased root oxygenation, which prevents pesky issues like root rot.

Watering from the bottom can also prevent fungus gnats, by keeping the top layer of soil where the nymphs gestate dry.

Did you plant outgrow its current Self Watering container? No problem. Just let the plant dry out for a few days, pop it out of its vessel, and move it to a size up. Our patented sub-irrigated insert is designed to be easily swappable between containers.

This planter will fit a plant in a standard 4" or 6" nursery pot.
Measures 5" Wide x 5" High. Inside Diameter is 4 1/2"

    Color: Terracotta
    White Dolomite
    Matte Black
    Pale Salmon
    Speckled Egg

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