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Nordic Knit Pint Glass Set

Raise a pint to Viking warriors with the Nordic Knit Pint Glass Set. Whether you are cheering at a football game or drinking a hot beverage on a winter night, this pair of glasses features a fun, knitted pattern exterior shaped like a beer can. Made in the USA in Seattle, Washington, these glasses nail the Nordic vibe with a knit Nordic design.

Get ready for battle with the 16 ounces Nordic Knit Pint Glass Set that is made for sweater weather by Foster & Rye. The Nordic knit patterns evoke snowflakes with a white "knitted" pattern on the glass. While there are snowflakes on the exterior of each glass, what you pour inside can definitely warm you up!

Nordic Knit Pint Glass Set Features:

  • Holds 16 oz.
  • Material: Glass
  • Shaped like a beer can
  • Nordic Knit design