Outer Space Explorer Happy Pack

Take your writing and drawing out of this world with the Outer Space Explorer Happy Pack. This pack drawing pack features a set of astronaut erasers, space pencils, and a set of star-shaped stacking crayons. It’s a perfect art supply set for anyone who has a love for outer space.
Take your writing and drawing adventures to the stars with the Outer Space Explorer Happy Pack. This fun art gift set of space-themed goodies comes with a set of crayons, graphite pencils, and erasers to get a loved one started in artistic adventures.

The Stack of Crayons is a set of sacking mini crayons. It’s great for mixing and matching your crayons the way you wish and makes coloring quite compact. The Astronaut Graphite Pencils are a fun space-themed set of 12 no. 2 graphite pencils that are great for both writing and drawing. And finally, the Astronaut Erasers are a set of 3 colorful pencil erasers shaped like adventurous astronauts.

  • Outer space explorer writing set
  • Set of 12 graphite pencils
  • Stacking crayon set with 12 crayons
  • Astronaut-shaped erasers - set of 3
  • Contained in a plastic poly bag and a gift tag for easy gifting
  • Gift pack size 6.25 x 10.75 x 2 inches
  • Suitable for ages 3 and up

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