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PBJ's Plush Ball Jellies Keyring Fidget Toy - Monsters

Color: Pink

What has lots of eyeballs and squishy stress-relieving bellies? It's PBJ's Plush Ball Jellies Keyring - Monsters!

The modern version of the stress ball gets a funny, monster update with this quartet of monster PBJ ball keychains. Available in Ozzi, Cyclops, Booger, or Triclopz, these pink, green, blue, or purple monsters are all heart, nothing scary about them at all!

Hang on your backpack or tote bag and they'll smile away at you. Take a PBJ's Plush Ball Jellies Keyring - Monsters along with you whenever you need a little pick-me-up. Kids and adults love the squishy fun of the stress-relieving PBJ balls. Filled with jelly balls and fun, each 4-inch long jelly ball keyring is ready to help squeeze away your stress, all in a fun monster form that will make you smile.

Everyone's favorite best-selling PBJ's are now available on the go! Bring this fuzzy friend with you along on each ride and squeeze the stress away in traffic! Each PBJ is filled with a gel-bead ball, making them as satisfying as they are cute!

PBJ Keyring Series - Monsters Features:

  • Size: 4"L x 4"W x 4"H (avg)