Raven Night CliqOnU x Gary Gagliano by CliqOnU

Fulfilled by our friends at CliqOnU

Raven Night a CliqOnU x Gary Gagliano collaboration.


"Birds and feathers are an inspiration for me in my black paintings. The raven's wing curves just before it takes flight."

~ Gary Gagliano


Gary Gagliano is an American painter, now residing in Bangkok. He works mainly in enamels on canvas large scale contemporary abstract paintings. A transfer of energy is where Gagliano resides in his work from the outer limits of the world we live in and the interior universe of ourselves. In Raven Night he has given us a taste of this deep mystic energy.



Wear this set as all black on black, or add the accent nail and make it your own.

  • Black/White Color Nails
  • Long Length Manicure
  • Narrow-Wide Nail Bed Size
  • Stiletto Shape Mani
  • Matte 3D Finish Texture


Non Toxic - All components are lab tested and proven non-toxic.

Non Damaging - Gentle, long lasting glue and easy removal.

Reusable & Recyclable - Wear them again, and recycle once you're done.

Seamless-Natural Fit - Tapered at the cuticle for a natural look. The technology to create this effect is unique to CliqOnU.

Short Wear & Long Lasting - 1 dot of glue in the center of the natural nail, or 3 drops spread around the surface of the nail.

Strong - Won't break, crack, or chip.

Size Friendly - With 12 sizes and 24 nails you'll find your fit. Plus all nails can be cut and filed to your desired shape and length.


Kit Includes

  • 24 Ready-To-Wear Nails in 12 sizes
  • Non-Damaging & Non-Toxic Glue (2ml)
  • Prep Pad Wipe
  • Nail File
  • Pin Cap
  • Instructions

How To Apply


          Please see our HOW TO video for details.