Red Jade Energy Bracelet

 A tonic for the soul, Red Jade is pure undiluted chi. Calling on the energy of the warrior, Red Jade brings forth your deepest flow of vitality – from strength to passion and physical stamina. While Green Jade may bring gentle luck, Red Jade is more about taking action and carving your own path across the universe.

“Today I say yes to my inner warrior”

Fueled by the life force, Red Jade has long been a warrior stone in the hearts and minds of Ancient Eastern and South American civilizations. As radiant as a rose in bloom, as rich as the flow of blood, and as alive as the beating of your heart, Red Jade is all about keeping your body kicking out the chi so you can achieve your highest potential through the course of direct action.

To be awakened in your zest for life, means being physically fit and fabulous and Red Jade sees to this. Working closely with the filtration system of the body, Red Jade keeps kidneys fighting fit, ensures your circulation is ever moving, and that your cells are healing and regenerating to keep you balanced and ready to fight the good fight.

While Red Jade is all about embracing life and saying yes to big passions, it does this in a way that won't make you feel completely burnt out. This stone is all about being the wick of the candle rather than the fast flickering flame. It invites you to lift the lid on the pressure cooker and let off steam but in a way that doesn’t cause grand eruptions or lead to negative consequences. It rebinds you back to your glorious grounding force, ensuring that even when the body and spirit are poker hot, there is a soothing element that keeps you attuned with every inch of your being. For those who want that boost of bright courage to confront inner demons, Red Jade is your shield and sword.

Details & Sizing 

  • 4mm genuine gemstone beads 
  • Strung on durable stretchy cord
  • Size S fits wrists 5"-6"
  • Size M fits wrists 6"-7"
  • Size L fits wrists 7"-8"
  • If you're in between sizes, size up
  • Stone colors may vary
  • Comes with a description card
    Size: M