Loose Leaf Tea Filter Bags

If you don't have an infuser handy, you can filter your loose leaf tea with tea filter bags. We use natural, non-bleached chlorine-free tea bags to ensure you get the best flavor and no harmful chemicals leeching into your tea. T-Sac has the best quality and excellent design (the flap is long enough to be versatile, and the bottom of the bag is gusseted to allow the tea lots of room to expand); we source direct from the company in Germany.
We have tea filter bags in two sizes:
- Small (Size 2): Best for a single cup or a 2-cup teapot.
- Large(Size 3): Best for iced tea pitchers or larger teapots
When Plum Deluxe staff travel, we always take these filter bags with us; they're also handy to have in your office, or to send guests off with a cuppa to go. You can also iron or staple these shut to make your tea more transit-friendly.


Size: Small (for 1-2 teaspoons of tea)