Vanilla Rose Dark Tea (Pu'erh) Hearts

Dark tea is a Chinese tea similar to pu'erh. Aged and fermented, dark tea has a wonderfully rich and complex flavor (and steeps multiple times, with varying layers of flavor appearing from each level). We combine the dark tea with rose petals and vanilla for an inviting, aromatic brew. If you haven't had much experience with pu'erh before, we believe dark tea is an excellent introduction. This particular blend we feel is also excellent to share with friends plus good foods and good conversation.

Our dark tea is pressed into heart shapes before aging - the tea was originally pressed into cakes by tea merchants to help the tea survive long journeys. These heart shapes are just the right size for a cup - just pop one into your infuser and brew as normal.
Each pouch contains approximately 10 hearts (1.5 oz). Each heart is approximately 5 grams of tea.