Not Your Usual Gift Store...

It is 1991. No iPhones. No Amazon. White Elephant gifts are passed around Dirty Santa parties or relegated to the attic. Imaginative gifts are the stuff of urban myth. And yet, in the most urban of all places, New York City, there is still a faint whisper of artistic creativity.

A small family business is born with a goal to create fun, simple and innovative gifts and home decor items. The artistic momentum begins again. Gift givers find themselves on the receiving end of the long-perceived dead, "Thank you. I love it".

All Gifty Things Imagined - Unique Funky Cool Gifts for Every Budget

Flash forward in blazing Internet speed. Those faint stirrings of gifting creativity in the last century have become Karma Kiss.

The unique and unusual gifts have been joined by whimsical garden furniture, fun sound alarm clocks, delicious lipglosses, desk diversions, funny money banks and eco-friendly kits and gifts. All curated carefully by our amazing team here in the Berkeley, CA.

Our products were featured in movies like Down To You, Little Miss Sunshine and Twilight, and in popular print publications including Real Simple, Rachael Ray, Family Fun, O Magazine and the New York Times.

Our customers keep on telling us that our gifts are not just trinkets to let pile up in the back of someone’s dusty closet, but gifts that people always remember.