Clampy Bendy Lamp

Illuminate without limits with this bendy lamp

Create your at-home reading nook wherever you want it, because good lighting can always come with you. Our Clampy Bendy Lamp has cordless portability and 360-degree flexibility, and you can clamp it onto anywhere with the lamp clip. Illuminate your favorite reading nook or sanctuary, then dive into your work or your favorite book. 

While the lower lamp is a soft reading lamp designed for visual comfort, the upper cat-ear-shaped glow cap is actually a second light, controlled separately. You can use the top one as a night light in the evening or for ambient mood lighting whenever you're feeling it. Each lamp has three levels of brightness – you can choose to have both lamps on, or just one. All you need to do is adjust the lighting mode to find your sweet spot.  

For the bottom white lamp, the first mode is around 0.54W (~54 lumen), second mode is around 1.33W (~133 lumen) and third mode is around 2.43W (~243 lumen). 

For the top yellow lamp, the first mode is around 0.42W (~42 lumen), second mode is around 0.84W (~84 lumen) and third mode is around 1.58W (~158 lumen).

Color: Blush Pink
Blush Pink
Cream White