Fat & Sugar Detox

Pre-Diet Cleanse:  Boost Metabolism and Flush Out Fat and Sugar With Green Tea, Chickweed, Garcinia Cambogia And Eleuthero*

  • Want to do a diet reset and need some help with early toxin flush or metabolism support?
  • This product is perfect for those who are interested in trying a “Whole Foods” or “No Sugar/No Flour” diet, as it can help assist the body during the toxin flush phase of early diet and nutrition changes.
  • But it’s also helpful for anyone (and we’ve all been there) who’s been a bit overindulgent for a bit too long. Too much fat and sugar in the diet, or perhaps more alcohol than usual.  Sometimes, you need a little help to just start fresh and give your body a little boost.
  • Crystal Star Fat & Sugar Detox contains 28 whole herbs precisely blended for a cleansing detox to reset your body’s metabolism and help cut cravings for fat and sugar.*
  • With Green Tea Leaf and Chickweed to help the body burn and flush fat*
Size: 60 count