Ice Popsicle Socks - Coconut

Your feet will stay warm in these Ice Popsicle Socks - Coconut. These adorable white socks have secret toe sprinkles in fun pastels. Add them to your sock wardrobe for a fun stylish accent accessory that only you know about. Perfect for workouts or work, these socks add a sprinkle smile to your toes.

The added fun aspect of the Ice Popsicle Socks - Coconut is their shape and stick that makes them look more like a frozen treat than socks. Add these to a goody bag or make them a fun gift for a dieting friend that can't eat real ice cream. Made from a comfy polyester cotton blend, these socks bring happiness to your feet.

Ice Popsicle Socks - Coconut Features:

  • Polyester: 70%
  • Cotton: 10%
  • Nylon: 15%
  • Polyurethane: 5%

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