The “Angel’s Share” Ring

If you’re a fan of bourbon, you already know that time is a friend of making a good bourbon. The longer it sits in those oak barrels and soaks up all those delicious flavors,  the better the pour. But with years upon years of resting in those barrels, there’s a phenomenon called the “Angel’s Share” that is the amount of the distilled spirits lost to evaporation from the barrel into the air as the whiskey ages. It’s a necessary part of the process when making good bourbon, and a name that we thought fitting for this ring made from bourbon barrels. It’s an excellent representation of fine craftsmanship.

There’s no doubt this ring will capture the attention of others and will be a constant conversation starter. Made from the durable Tungsten Carbide and Bourbon barrel wood, this ring represents the craftsmanship and skill that goes into the fine making of America’s greatest bourbons. The hammered edges make for a rugged and masculine aesthetic that any man will be proud to wear.

As an added bonus, we include a beautiful VG branded Koa wood gift box to keep the ring in.

Ring Details:

Material: Tungsten Carbibe, Bourbon Barrel Wood

Ring Width: 8mm

This ring is extraordinarily scratch resistant, as Tungsten  Carbide is a very dense and hard metal

You’ve searched hard for the right ring and want to feel confident that you are making the right choice. We respect that this is an important purchase.

Here’s why to buy from us:

-FREE resizing if it doesn’t fit. 

-FREE 30 Day Returns.

Size: 13