Tibetan Handcrafted Brass & Copper Healing Bracelet

Beauty meets grace and high vibrational healing in this Tibetan Handcrafted Brass & Copper Healing Bracelet. Marrying the conductor energy of copper with the playfulness of nickel and the bold balancing act of brass, this bangle comes cuffed with the three healing metals forged with love by Tibetan Monks from the Drepung Loseling Monastery in India.

“With this bracelet, I stay tethered to Mother Earth as I continue my healing journey”


Copper - for conducting energy and clearing aches and pains

Brass - for boosting your well-being and removing toxins

Nickel - for its soothing vibes and lightening anxious thinking

Blending the vibes of brass, nickel, and copper, this Tibetan Handcrafted Brass & Copper Healing Braceletcan reconnect you to your sense of purpose and play, bring your emotions into alignment, and soothe those fears that you may have been subconsciously carrying. Adorned with a natural world motif, it also keeps us tethered to our roots and the beauty of Mother Earth even as we embark on spiritual sojourns.

Copper is one of the oldest healing metals and brings with its high vibrations and big conductive energy. It has a bright and zesty style that goes deeper than any other healing metal. Wearing copper can clear the path of anxiety and lethargy, granting you that golden boost of inspiration you need. It also helps ease aches and pains as it wants the body to shine as bright as the soul.

Brass is the center of this glorious bracelet and this metal too is rich and vibrant with healing and health benefits. Brass can boost your well-being and helps the body to shed itself of both physical and emotional toxins too.

Nickel also comes with cleansing and healing properties. Nickel is known for its ability to soothe sore heads, lighten the load of fear and anxiety, and help you to tap into that stashed-away inner child and approach life with a little more play. Wearing Tibetan Copper Buddhist bracelets are great for both women and men thanks to their adjustable size.


Made from Copper, Brass, Nickel
Adjustable Unisex Sizing
Handcrafted in India by Tibetan Monks