5 Fun Ways to Celebrate Spring!

Though in some areas of the country it certainly doesn't feel like it, Spring is finally here. Even if you're not feeling it quite yet, you can still celebrate its coming--maybe fake it til you make it will work!

Grow a Garden

Getting your hands dirty may not be your usual idea of a good time, but gardening can be truly rewarding. There's a little bit of magic in watching something you've planted grow.

There's the soft, fresh soil, the beautiful flowers, the smell of fertilizer...okay, maybe not everything about it is magical, but you will definitely enjoy having your own fresh flowers, herbs, or veggies!

Garden Decor

Plan a Picnic

One of the easiest ways to enjoy Spring is to have a picnic. There's something refreshing about hanging out together outside in nature and sharing a meal, so why not make it an event?

Grab your family and some friends on a warm(ish?) day, pack some of your favorite picnic foods, and make a day of it!

Find Fresh Flowers

Hopefully you've seen some fresh flowers in bloom already--if not, plan on getting your hands on some as soon as you do! Brightly-colored, sweet-smelling flowers can be a real pick-me-up.

Of course, if you're allergic, you may find that sneezing is not the best way to celebrate the season.

Spring Quote

Visit the Zoo

During the Spring, a lot of the animals are likely to be having babies, and many zoos show off their new additions. The zoo is nice in Spring anyway, and throw in some adorable animal babies, you really can't go wrong.

Read & Relax Outside

Climb into a hammock, sit in your favorite lawn chair, or relax on a blanket in the yard. Get your favorite book or just close your eyes and lay back.

The warmth of the sun, the freshness of the air--it's hard to find something that feels better than those kind of peaceful moments.

Turn your Spring into a celebration of warmth and the best life; you deserve it. 


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