5 Gifts to Help You Relax

It seems like we live in a constant state of motion these days. There's always something that needs to be done or considered--we're always so connected to everything that we barely get a chance to breathe.

It's really no wonder that people are as stressed out as ever. Well, take a deep breath, if for no other reason than that you can! Sometimes we all need to back up and calm things down a little, and hopefully these 5 things can help you get on the right page:

Herbal Warmers

Herbal Warmer Pug

Huggie Bear Herbal WarmerWhen it's time to rest from a long day, do you ever find it difficult to relax? Your mind still in "go mode," neck or shoulders or back or feet sore from the day--it's a pretty common problem, but any of these cute animal-themed Herbal Warmers can come to the rescue.

Made from corduroy and felt, each one is filled with a mixture of buckwheat and lavender to produce a combination of pain-relieving warmth, mind-soothing aromatherapy, and soft support to wherever you need it most.

Tea Leaves Tea Infuser

Tea Leaves Tea Infuser

While you and your favorite herbal warmer are treating your aches and pains, a fresh cup of tea might be just what you need to bring that extra step of calm. There's something wonderful and zen-like about the gentle aroma of tea as it infuses into a steamy cup of water, and that's especially true with a tea infuser like the Tea Leaves Tea Infuser.

Not only is it great for creating the perfect cup of tea, it looks awesome, too. Oh, and it's durable and easy to wash, so it won't drag you down when you aren't relaxing. Put your feet up, make yourself a cup of tea, and melt away for a little while.

Cozy Dinosaur Slippers

Cozy Dinosaur Slippers
There's more to disconnecting from the world and taking a moment of peace for yourself (although that alone is a huge help for making your life better)--giving yourself something to smile or laugh at is just as beneficial.

It's not just an old saying: science has shown again and again that happiness and laughter really do make a difference in your health, so grab some Cozy Dinosaur Slippers and enjoy both the cozy comfort of the soft, stretchable fabric AND the smile you won't be able to hold back. Just look at that cheesy grin; they're ready to be your best friend!

Bamboo Brainteaser Puzzle

Bamboo Brainteaser Puzzle
Bamboo Brainteaser PuzzlesWhile you're disconnecting from the world, you might find that you still need something to occupy your mind, and the Bamboo Brainteaser Puzzle is just the trick to keep you from running back to your devices while still keeping your mind engaged.

With 5 different difficulty levels made from renewable bamboo, you'll find that there's plenty of opportunity to encourage your brain to disconnect from the constant chaos and reconnect to simplicity.

Adult Coloring DIY Greeting Cards

Adult Coloring DIY Greeting Cards

Adult Coloring DIY Greeting CardsColoring is another great way to relax and allow your brain to get into something that isn't so demanding, and DIY Greeting Cards are a great option. You can sit down and complete a card in one sitting, giving you the satisfaction of finishing a project while also promoting relaxation.

Plus, when you're done, you have some amazing customized greeting cards for any occasion. Now that's a bonus!

It's so important to breathe, to relax, to disconnect from the madness of the world around you sometimes. You deserve that moment, you deserve to smile and rest and feel calm--give yourself permission to take care of--well, yourself!

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