5 Gifts Under $45

It's the season of gifts if ever there was one, and while you're trying to find the right gifts, you're also trying to not break the bank. We feel ya! Find the right gifts at the right price with a handy gift guide, starting right here with our top 5 Under $45!

Easy Inflate Portable Sofa Lounge

Easy Inflate Portable Sofa Lounge

Looks impressive, right? And for under $45, it really is. Forget your average lawn or beach chair; why settle for minimal comfort when you can have maximum chill? If you're buying a gift for someone who loves to go to the beach or outdoor concerts or camping, the Easy Inflate Portable Sofa Lounge is the perfect gift.

And if you're worried about how portable it really is--not only does it weigh less than 3 pounds, it also inflates and deflates in 10 seconds and holds up to 450 pounds. Its convenience is only surpassed by its usefulness.

Animal Backpack Collection: Blue Dog

Animal Backpack Collection Blue Dog

For the little ones in your life, the perfect backpack might mean more than you know. A kiddo with the perfect backpack will be stepping out proud, and it's hard to go wrong with this cute blue puppy. 

It's well-made with lots of room for books, snacks, toys, games--whatever is needed, it will fit and be easy and more comfortable to carry, not to mention adorable.

World Atlas Message Cork Board

World Atlas Message Cork Board

Whether it's at home or in the office, a cork board is super handy, and this one is perfect for the person in your life who loves to travel, as well. Not only can they keep notes close at hand and display the most important things, its classic appeal looks great on any wall.

If you're looking for a good gift for someone who spends a lot of time working, this could be a perfect addition to their office and a quick way to make someone smile.

6-in-1 Game Cube Set

6-in-1 Game Cube Set

If you know someone who loves games, this collection is bound to be a hit. All the classic  games in one beautiful set. From chess and checkers to dominoes and poker, get together with your favorite group of people and play a game or two.

Talk about a gift that keeps on giving--this will last for a long time and give hours of entertainment.

Color Wheel Umbrella

Color Wheel Umbrella

The Color Wheel Umbrella keeps you dry from the rain while looking awesome, too. If you know someone who commutes or walks often, rain or shine, this umbrella makes a great gift. 

Not only is it beautiful and suitable for anyone, it's well-made to last. Why go ordinary when you can go extraordinary? 

Whoever you're shopping for, there's a gift out there that's just right and at the right price, you just need to know where to look!

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