6 Unique, Quirky Gifts You Didn't Know You Needed

Online shopping is a big deal right now--not only are there great summer sales, but why go out in the heat when you can stay in and get exactly what you want? 

Of course, you can get the same old thing anywhere, which is why we've put together some of the quirkiest, fun, unique gifts you'll absolutely love. Don't just shop because you can, shop because it's fun!

Wall Art Attack Plaques

Wall Art Attack Plaque Unicorn

You can find a picture to hang on your wall at any store, but what about a unicorn, dinosaur, or hippo to hang out in your favorite room? Wall Art Attack Plaque Jr Hippo even holds your hat!

Wall Art Attack Plaques are aptly named because they bring the coolest and sometimes fiercest creatures to life right in your home. Got a fantasy-lover in the family? A unicorn will do just the trick. How about a kid who's into dinos or safaris? 

The fun and flare of these pieces stands out from the norm in an awesome, unforgettable way!

T-Rex Wine Bottle Pourer

T-Rex Wine Bottle Pourer

The next time you're looking for a great gift for your favorite host or hostess, consider adding a T-Rex Wine Bottle Pourer to your favorite wine choice. There's a good chuckle waiting on the other end of every glass of wine with this fun accessory.

Not only is it entertaining to watch your wine pouring out of the brutal t-rex's maw, it's also completely practical--it won't spill and it's great for pouring a perfect glass without wasting a drop!

Handmade Wooden Sunglasses

Handmade Wooden Sunglasses - Olive Green

There's something cool about handmade accessories made from natural materials, and that's exactly why these Handmade Wooden Sunglasses are a great choice for just about anyone.

With different colors and different colored lenses, you can find a pair that fits exactly what you're looking for. And don't worry, comfort is still part of the package.

Not-Your-Everyday Table Lamp

Elephant and Company Table Lamp

To heck with your grandma's table lamps; you won't find any run-of-the-mill lampshadesBrontosaurus Lamp around here. Instead, try something pretty and interesting, like the Elephant and Company paper lamp above, or the cool Brontosaurus Lamp pictured here.

Bring light and attention to your favorite room by ditching your boring lamps and going for something with way more appeal!

Woodland Tweets Money Bank

Woodland Tweets Money Bank

Even the most closely-watched Twitter account can't be as cool as these Woodland Tweets. Cute art pieces that also hold your spare change--how can you go wrong?

 With a few different designs and colors, you can find the perfect ceramic money-holding companion for your favorite space. It's the most adorable way to keep the change!

Sneak Attack: Ceramic Shark Mug

Sneak Attack Ceramic Shark Mug

Sometimes you find something that's just flat fun, and that's where the Sneak Attack Ceramic Shark Mug comes in. The shark in the bottom will be covered by your drink until you're halfway through it, then it will rear its head--and its teeth.

Add a laugh to your morning coffee or surprise an unsuspecting friend; either way, this shark brings entertainment with every bit--uh, sip!

Whatever your reason for shopping this summer, it's okay to have fun. In fact, it's better to have fun, because if you aren't enjoying yourself, what are you doing? Give yourself permission to enjoy the day with a unique gift for yourself or someone else. Here's to more smiles--you're worth it!


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