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9 Awesome Brunch Party Essentials

  • 2 min read

Greetings, Karma Kiss fans! It’s officially been Spring since March, and the weather [could be] getting warmer and warmer wherever across the globe you are! No matter the weather, who doesn’t enjoy a nice brunch party to attend? Delicious light food servings, talk and laughter with loved ones, and beverages to wash everything down with! Are you ready to throw your very first brunch party? Let us help you be the hostess with the most,with these 9 easy steps and tools to kick off brunch the right way!

  1. Serve up your finest cheese and spread plates on this beautifully crafted Cutting Board Surfboard Enjoy Life!This lovely board can be used for multiple things, and even comes with a bamboo spreader! Cutting Board Surfboard Enjoy Life
  2. Knock out two birds with one stone with these TEA CUPCAKES Bake & Serve Cupcake Molds! Bake your cupcakes just in time for tea at the end of brunch, and worry less about cleaning when it’s all done! TEACUPCAKES Bake & Serve Cupcake Molds
  3. Get the Applause Claws Tongs for your brunch items that are on a buffet line. Keep your table clean, and food germ-free! AKT003-KK APPLAUSE CLAWS TONG
  4. Everyone will need a cup for beverages, how about these Counting Numbers Mug #0-#9 to help everyone hold on to their own cups! Fill em’ up with coffee, tea, and even juices! AMG010 COUNTING NUMBERS MUG #0 - #9
  5. Show off this Porcelain Trinket Bowl Elephant with little goodies that your guests can grab small candies, fruits, or dips out of! Porcelain Trinket Bowl Elephant
  6. What’s the harm in accepting donations? Your friends wouldn’t mind sparing some change for your efforts in hosting a warm and welcoming brunch for them! Leave this Spare Some Changeby the door on the way out or at the brunch table. They’ll feel especially giving after all of the eating and drinking to be had! Spare Some Change
  7. Use this Funny Side Up Egg Corral Skull for fun ways to shape your brunch eggs. Add some bacon and everyone will be happy! FUNNY SIDE UP Egg Corral Skull
  8. Hang up this Magnetic Chalkboard & Picture Holder for your brunch menu items, or just for friends to leave sweet messages on how much they loved your brunch party! BCB021 MAGNETIC CHALKBOARD & PICTURE HOLDER
  9. What better way to please the crowd with these Buddha Head Room Décor accents? Create a zen environment for your guests to eat, drink, and be merry with you in your home! BDA014-KKBUDDHA HEAD ROOM DECOR

We know that you’ve got most of the other necessities covered, but these Karma Kiss items are sure to add a little umph to your brunch partying days! Plus, you’ll be the only one who has all of the latest and greatest unique home/kitchen decorum shopping with us! Happy Brunching, everyone!

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