A Wife’s Official Gift Guide for Father’s Day

1.   BBQ: The 3 most important letters in summer. Legend has it that Father’s Day was made in late-June by a dad who just wanted to get BBQ-friendly gifts. This can range from actual meat in a big cooler to mean-looking BBQ tools to turn and poke stuff with. Crown your king with this Barbeque King Apron & Oven Mitt Set.

 GR201 BBQ KING APRON & OVEN MITT SET2.    An Apple (case) for the Dad: While teachers and kids are out for the summer, dads are not. Help him measure his steps and his sleep and all other manner of fun things to measure with the ultimate dad gift: A protective case for his prized Apple products – Chocolatier Ipad Case/sleeve.

3.    Bright Lights: For the father who enjoys cycling for sport or for his healthy lifestyle. Make sure dad has something to keep him cycling safe in the night with these Wheel Brightz Bicycle Wheel LED Cool Blue.

 Wheel Brightz Bicycle Wheel LED Lights Cool Blue

4.    No Flowers: Mom might love flowers on her special day (hint, hint. If you missed it dad—it was last month). Dad doesn’t want flowers. If you want to have something show up on your doorstop just for dad—send him the Chess Pieces Wine Stopper Full Set of 12 Pieces, so dad can have a set of stoppers for his wine collection.

 Chess Pieces Wine Stopper Full Set of 12 Pcs.

5.    Tool Set: Okay, so maybe not dad’s typical tool set, but definitely one that can prove just as useful for every father. Who doesn’t need a pen to write with, and one that resembles the tools out of a tool box as well? Have dad try out the Not Very Dangerous Tool Pens – Set Of 4.

 BPN127X4-KK Not Very Dangerous Tool Pens - Set Of 3

6.    The Gift Card: This is a tricky one. I am a stay-at-home mom. If I give him a gift card to somewhere, it is like taking his paycheck and paying ahead for something he likes. If I have the kids “give” him the gift cards; that works out much better. Good thing Karma Kiss has gift cards to gift dad on his special day to spend towards any thing any everything that he wants!

 $50 Karma Kiss Gift Card7.    The Gift of Time:  Let dad sleep in. Surprise him with this Vintage Icons Watch – Antique Car as a silent ticker for the big day you plan for him. Take dad out to a nice meal at a place HE loves. Go go-karting afterward. Let dad take a nap. All is well.
 Vintage Icons Watch - Antique Car

8.    Man Bag: If you still must give dad a tie or soap, check the closet and the shower. If dad’s already got plenty of toiletries, no need to jump to the next high end perfume store to get a box of smell good toiletries, just get him this stylish Wild & Wolf Ted Baker Cables & Clobber Toiletry Bag Cyclists.

 Wild & Wolf Ted Baker Cables & Clobber Toiletry Bag Cyclists

9. The Card: Kids Love Cool Dad. Have them make him that handprint card and pair it with this unique Seed Paper Gift Enclosure Card – Chartreuse Pot. Hug dad. Garden with him. In the end, he just wants to know that the mother of his children and those children love him. On Father’s Day. And beyond.


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