Awesome Teacher’s Pet Gifts That are Sure to Impress

No teacher wants more random hand lotion. Or another mug. Or anything that says Teacher on it. To impress your teacher, we have compiled some fun KarmaKiss gifts for you to give to your favorite teacher.

  1. Gift cards are always a popular teacher option. Add one to their favorite store in our Peace and Love Mighty Wallet. 
  2. Teacher always balancing their phone? The Flex and Hold Mobile Phone Mountlets them keep their phone at their desk in the go position. 
  3. After school ends each day, your teacher may need some recovery and down time. Send home the gift of the Spa and Herbal Therapy Huggie Bear, and you might just move to the head of the class when your relaxed and renewed teacher returns. 
  4. Have an extra fun science teacher with a sense of humor? Gift them our FCTRY Little Giants Einsteinand a membership to the area science museum. 
  5. While teacher gifts for the teacher are awesome, sometimes teachers just need supplies. Our Flowerpot Butterfly Erasers are a classroom favorite that teachers love to get and then give! 
  6. Gift your teacher flowers in our Ceramic Owl Vase–just because. 
  7. Does your teacher need something to hold up classroom books? The Raven Bookends give a wink-and-a-nod to classic literature with functionality. 
  8. The Alchemy Goods Pike Messenger Bag is an awesome gift that will show your teacher props for doing what they do best. A little more on the spend-y side, these might be gifts for graduation or retiring teachers. Or just for your favorite teacher of all times! 
  9. Technology rules! The Portable USB Power Bank Chocolate Bar combined with some real chocolate for teacher is a great teacher option that will bring a smile and a quick charge. 
  10. Teachers have good days and bad days just like anyone else (including their students). The Alexandra Ferguson Tote Bag Best Day Ever Stone / Fuchsia 16″ x 16″ filled with school supplies and teacher treats can remind everyone in the classroom that today will be the “best day ever”! 
  11. Lunch for teacher can be a hurried experience at their desk. Add a gift certificate to a favorite lunch spot or a boxed lunch to our Fluf Tyvek Lunch Bag to bring lunch to teacher. 
  12. Counting down in center time requires some kind of time-telling device. The Sweet Timer Sugar Dispenseras a gift can make the final countdown to the end of the day or end of the center more fun. 
  13. You can’t have a teacher gift list without at least one obligatory “apple”-themed gift. The Loqi Water Resistant Reusable Bag FRUTTI Appleisn’t your typical apple for the teacher gift though. Made to carry groceries or books and paperwork, this bag is a gift that keeps on giving. And carrying. 

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