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Baggu: The Eco-friendly Bag With Style

Fresh into Karma Kiss’ new items is Baggu, a brand who infuses style with eco-friendly products. Baggu produces a cheerful collection of knapsacks, backpacks and tote bags made out of recycled cotton canvass. What makes these bags interesting is that they’re all splashed with vibrant colors and fun designs. Baggu items are perfect to use for casual occasions and they can make any outfit look fun and fashionable.

A backpack is a handy bag that everyone from every age can make use of. This is a practical container frees your hands from carrying bulky items. There’s no need for you to lug around with your hands full of objects; just put them all inside this spacious, stylish bag.

Your Baggu bag can store:

  • Piles of books
  • Clothes
  • A 13” laptop
  • Other stuff you can fill it with

Special compartments are made to hide away essential items like a smartphone.

The Baggu bag is made with adjustable straps and interior pocket, with matte silver hardware and hidden zipper pocket for concealing special belongings.

Pair your casual comfort clothes with Baggu bags and brighten up your wardrobe this fall!

Baggu Style / UNI
Baggu Style

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