Best of the Best: 5 Staff Favorites

The same way you know what–and where–the best items in your pantry or closet are, Karma Kiss Staffers know their gifts! Here’s a chance for this sneaky little trick, using their knowledge to find the perfect gift.

5 Staff Favorites

Alchemy Goods Madison Backpack – Tint of Mint

Okay, so there’s a lot of stuff you get stuck carrying around. Sometimes it’s your stuff, sometimes it’s everybody else’s (right, Mom, Dad?). If you have to carry it all anyway, you might as well do it in style, and this cool, smart Alchemy Goods Backpack turns it way up.

Bon Voyage Coasters Gift BoxBon Voyage! Travel Coasters

Have a friend that loves to travel or would love a fun splash of color in their kitchen or dining room? The Bon Voyage Coasters come in a set of 4 and are packaged in a unique gift box. Their bright colors and fun designs are sure to be a hit!

Party Gifts!BAR10DER Cocktail Spinner

Are you the designated bartender at your get-togethers? Or do you have a friend who is? The BAR10DER Cocktail Spinner is the perfect addition to your bartending collection.

Super easy to use and a lot of fun, give your favorite home bartender a new way to make perfect drinks every time.

Infinite Tree Rainbow ColorsInfinite Tree

Sometimes, you just need a cool gift that will be a huge hit, and the Infinite Tree is that gift. Not only is it a piece of art, it’s made to be moved and experimented with and fidgeted with.

At home, in the office, it will look trendy and grab attention. There’s a never-ending (you might even say…infinite!) number of possibilities for this incredible gift.

Giddy Up Corral Sound Key Light

Yes, coming home at night is a real grown-up thing to do, but that doesn’t mean your inner kid can’t come out to play. These Giddy Up Coral Keychain Lights up so you can see your keys in the dark, but it also makes a Hee Haw sound when you turn it on–how cute is that?!

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