Cool Gifts for Cool Grads

It's graduation season! Whoever your favorite cap-and-gown wearing graduate is this year, don't settle for something boring--get them something they'll remember long after hanging their degree or diploma on the wall.

Shop Now for Fun Graduation Gifts

Lock Stock and Barrel FlaskLooking for something to send that college graduate out into the work force? Okay, a stylish flask may not be quite that, but it will definitely be something that makes them smile, which is a pretty good gift for those nights when they start to wonder what they were thinking. 

Bottle Opener with MagnetAnother helpful tool in the war against a grueling work week is a classic--or maybe not quite so classic--bottle opener. What's even handier than a normal bottle opener? How about one with a magnet that keeps the lid from slipping away from you? Now that's a functional gift.

Flamingo FrameLooking for a fun way to display pics of your favorite graduate? I'm not saying you should dig up embarrassing childhood pictures of your grad and hang them around for all their friends to see, but it is an option, and you can give them the pics to keep afterwards in fun designer frames. Ah, memories.

Best Day Ever Alexandra Ferguson ToteNow, for a truly functional gift that also just looks cool, Alexandra Ferguson totes are a truly great gift for any graduate. Whether they're going on a road trip and need an extra bag, headed to college and need a light bag to carry around campus, or even just need a bag for their summer vacation, these totes can't be beat.

Graduation is a time to celebrate accomplishments and the people who worked for them. Anything that brings a smile; any memory that lasts--it's something to treasure. That's the real gift.


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