Creative, Easy Thanksgiving Decorating!

Thanksgiving is coming! There’s just enough time to get the house clean, the groceries bought, and the table decorated–but don’t just throw a tablecloth on there and be done. There’s a few super easy things you can try to make your house look festive and all of your friends swear you’re the best host or hostess they know!

Make It a Message

You know that classic moment when everyone goes around the table and says what they’re thankful for? Sometimes it can be a little uncomfortable and it’s definitely been done.

Share the spirit in a new way: create a thankfulness tree or board. Put out a small tree, corkboard, or picture holder and a stack of small note papers. If you’re feeling really crafty, cut them into leaf shapes!

Invite your friends and family to write something they’re thankful for and add it to the tree or board. Not only will they be sharing something special, they’ll be doing some extra decorating for you!

Fun Placemats for the Kids Table

Festive Do-It-Yourself Votives

Candles are a classic part of holiday decorating, but finding something creative and easy can be a pain. However, making these votives couldn’t be Nuts for Craftingeasier and will be a brand new spin on an old classic.

Take a small votive and add unshelled nuts (anything will do, but smaller nuts like hazelnuts or almonds will work best) around the candle.

Alternative: Use dried corn kernels instead of nuts!

And safety note! You might want to use a battery-powered candle over a traditional flame if you think you might leave them unattended.

Surprising Napkins

If you have kiddos, here’s a way to keep them busy while you cook AND give your guests a surprising dining room treat!

Pick up some stamps with fall designs or appropriate quotes and some stamp pads. Sit your kids down with a stack of cocktail napkins and the stamps, and show them how to stamp the napkins with the designs.

Voila, occupied children and a cute feature for your table. That’s a win-win.

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