Discovering New Brands On Karma Kiss

Karma Kiss, the place for all gifty things imagined, is also the home of many novel brands creating unique items for fun, form and function. With an eye for humor and taste, we at Karma Kiss have been curating products since 1991, teaming up with innovative names who have set themselves apart in the novelty, decor and apparel industry. Our aim is to connect you to these one-of-a-kind makers in order for you to enjoy your presents in the most pleasurable way possible.

So who’s taking part in the current Karma Kiss goody database? We can only name a few. Alchemy Goods, for one, creates unique bags out of extraordinary materials (make a guess, and you’d be delighted to know the answer). Coaster Stone is a maker of fun, practical coasters that melds wonderful illustration into functional homeware. Mad Pax is your go-to for unique school bags and backpacks; you’ll never go wrong with their dino-inspired designs. We have also lined up a collection of paper goods and toys from Papercat, cute wallets from BlueQ, and the wonderful jewelry series from Encanto.

If you’re wondering if your favorite brand is now a part of Karma Kiss’ curation of products, you might want to take a look at our homepage and scan our series selection. And we know you’ll have fun discovering new products, just as we did.


Until now, we are still on the lookout for fresh new brands for you to discover.  We love new brands popping in our store’s New Stuffcategory every now and then, so please stay tuned to our blog as we bring you the most unique gifty things you have ever imagined!

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