For Decor & Collectors: Salt & Pepper Shakers

We all love collecting something. Trading cards, toys, designer items, ceramics and all the nice things you can think of. Some of our collections are so immense that we keep them in their own cabinets. For some, collecting something means getting a good, rare object that cannot be found anywhere. Gathering unique finds is everyone’s hobby and each of us had that inkling for something really cool. But it doesn’t have to be out-of-this-world. Some of our collections can be simple, like salt & pepper shaker sets!

These little ceramic pieces are handy in dispensing those much-needed flavorings when our food lacks some punch. We all have them in our homes. They’re perfect to be used as decorations, sitting on our nooks, tabletops and pantry. With so many designs, these little wares can be delightful little ornaments in our homes, hence a collector’s item!

Below, we bring you 5 amazing salt & pepper shaker sets that will send your collector’s heart beating! Take a look:

Mushroom Salt & Pepper Set

They’re cute, they’re adorable, and they sprout on your tables like a wonderful green forest where your food gets magically served. The kids will love. Our Mushroom Salt & Pepper set is a simple yet charming addition to your humble, kitschy kitchen full of patterned quilts and embroidery. One review mentioned this as ” light weight,bright and are sure to bring a smile to your face every time you see them in your kitchen or on your kitchen table.” They sure will! Expect some cheers with these two buddies around.

Mermaid Siren Salt & Pepper Shaker Set

Summer means beaches, and this takes you to a nostalgic journey of imagining mermaids exist. Well, they do, but maybe not on water. They exist on your kitchen cabinet, just because this ceramic figurine is just to beautiful not to display! A favorite best seller here on Karma Kiss, the Mermaid Siren Salt & Pepper Shaker Set is a wonderful accessory you can use in your elegant dining room. Or maybe you can use it as a decor; either ways, it is sure to catch attention whenever you place it as an accent!

Bowling Ball and Pin Salt & Pepper Set

Love sports? This item pair will definitely make it look obvious. How about putting a bowling ball and pin on your snazzy, cozy pantry? Everyone will wonder what this duo is all about, until you start shaking it on your meals. Your friends will light up with surprise to discover what this decorative pair is for!

Owlet Salt & Pepper Set

Karma Kiss is all about owls. We love them, just because they’re wise and humble and generally charming. Many would love to own a wise owl a la Harry Potter, but you can get the next best thing with our little Owlet Salt & Pepper Set. A review describes them: “These fancy shakers are made out of porcelain, making them attractive to the eyes and more durable.” These also comes in a very beautiful box; the kind of ones you’d like to keep. Go on, you’ll never get wrong with owls!

Animal Parade Seasoning Shaker Set

Speaking of animals, we’ve brought the whole lot on the Animal Parade Seasoning Shaker Set. This reflects various wildlife species representing seasons, so you can enjoy other condiments such as paprika and herbs along with your regular salt and pepper set. The contents move like bits inside a snowglobe when shaken, and your kids will never want to put these items down after discovering their beauty!

Awesome? Head on to see more of our Salt & Pepper Shaker Sets on the store!!

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