Fred & Friends On Weekly Deals: Up to 35% OFF!

Landing on our Weekly Deals page is one of our favorite lifestyle brands, Fred & Friends!  This colorful concoction of children-themed items is a surefire way to delight kids of all ages in enjoying happy moments of growing up. Moms will definitely love the adorable products created for fun, function and fashion. There’s no Fred and Friends’ product you won’t enjoy, and having items from this brand on sale is just AWESOME!

By awesome, we mean 35% off its regular price. We’d actually love you to go ahead and scan through the products on sale, grab them as soon as you can, and secure your lovely Fred & Friend item before the stocks run out. We’ve included some of your favorites (or soon-to-be ones), like:

CHILL BABY ‘Stache Teether. Boys love growing a beard. And girls too, if you’re under a disguise! Make a man out of your tiny manny with this lovable teether!

Cupcake Express Baking Cups. Perfect for moms who’s into baking! It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner or a pro; using these baking cups will make your baked goodies a hit! Whip up your tiny express train with icing and sprinkles.

MISTER TEA Tea Infuser. Tea time has never been more amusing than having this companion around. When there’s no one to accompany you, take this bubbly buddy to help you find comfort. Let him swim through your cup and prevent those tea leaves from escaping the pack. A funny gift for dads too!

Fred & Friendshas a hefty dose of charming products for you to use and love! Now go and run off to our WEEKLY DEALS page and discover unique and gifty items in store for you!

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