Gifts Proudly Made in the USA

There are a lot of things that create a surge of patriotism: patriotic holidays, proud moments in history, stories of American heroes, and knowing that sometimes, things we really love are made right here in the USA.

Shop Now! Gifts Made in the USA

These gifts are made on American soil, and are awesome for satisfying any gift-giving occasion!

Late Greats Hand Made Pillow - GhandiLate Greats Hand Made Pillows feature famous, iconic historical figures and are a stylish, artistic way to add a splash of interest to any room. Plush, uniquely designed, and artfully crafted including recycled materials, any item (or all of them!) in this collection is undeniably cool.

Alchemy GoodsSpeaking of cool, it doesn't get much more cool than Alchemy Goods collection of backpacks, messenger bags, and purses. Whether you're running from meeting to meeting and need a sturdy, professional bag for carrying your laptop or a student lugging most of your life on your back (invest in some pain meds--or a good chiropractor!), Alchemy Goods has an extremely sleek bag to fit whatever you need to carry.

Coloring Paper PlacematsIf you're looking for a gift with a super high fun factor, Coloring Paper Placemats are a huge hit for kids (and adults, if we're honest). Whether you choose Big USA Cities or Fantastic Fantasy Worlds, you'll make any kiddo's day with these.

Safari Animals 3D Wall DecorAnother way to impress the kids is to find some cool decor for their bedrooms (though this may require a tactical cleaning mission!). The Safari Animals 3D Wall Decor is a great way to decorate any kid's room. Lively, colorful, fun, and best of all, easy to use, the bright animals and jungle pieces create an exciting place to hang out. 

Freaker Bottle Cover & KoozieLooking to make a splash with a more adult crowd? Freaker Bottle Covers & Beer Koozies fit the bill. Not only does it keep your drink cold and your hands warm, it also fits a bunch of different container shapes and sizes. Whatever you're drinking, there's a Freaker for it. Bonus: there's a huge variety of colors and designs to choose from--you can easily make everyone happy. 

Tattly Temporary Tattoos New YorkThen there's something that kids and adults can both enjoy: Tattly Temporary Tattoos. Temporary tattoos aren't just for kids, even though they seem to be marketed that way most of the time. If you're going out for a fun night or even just hanging out with your friends, Tattly's got a tattoo for you. Of course, you can share with your kids (but we won't tell if you don't!). 

When it comes to things made in the USA, these gifts are some of the best you'll find. Fun, engaging, unique--go ahead, feel a little patriotic, and enjoy your favorite gifts, too!


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