Giveaway 6/13: $10 Karma Kiss Gift Card! Ends 6/30/13

We’re opening this month with yet another amazing deal from Karma Kiss! Here we have a $10 giveaway to the lucky winner, who will have a chance to enjoy a valuable gift card and use it to purchase any gifty item from our store. And we’re not hurrying you–you can use all your time to buy and discover that one unique product you need.

Your enjoyment is of great worth to us, which is why we’re always cooking up ways for you to have an amazing Karma Kiss experience!

Can’t decide what to buy? Too busy to make a calculated decision? Looking for last minute gifts?

Make your life easier – let them choose the gift they want with a Karma Kiss Gift Card to use online at

  • Never Expires – Karma Kiss Gift Cards are valid forever (until they are used of course).
    No limited time offer, no pressure to buy now…
  • Immediate Value – Karma Kiss Gift Cards are activated immediately.
  • Custom Message – You can create your own greetings.
  • Freedom to Choose – Karma Kiss Gift Cards can be applied towards ANY item on

One lucky winner is going to receive this great prize for absolutely FREE!

In order to participate in the giveaway, sign in below using your Facebook or E-mail accounts and follow the instructions.

06/13 Giveaway
$10 Karma Kiss Gift Card

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