Holiday Decorating Ideas for Every Home

One of the most enjoyable parts of the holidays is the atmosphere you can create with a few simple decorations and the right kind of company. Of course, if you're trying to make everything look perfect, you might stress yourself out a bit. Holiday Decor & More

No need to be stressed, though--try one of these three decoration styles this year. Straightforward, simple, and always classic, you'll easily make the right impression without stress and without a lot of effort. Nice, right?

Keep It Natural

If you like it rustic, this decorating style couldn't be more perfect. Bring the fresh feeling of winter indoors and make a scene that will make everyone feel like they've entered a cabin on the edge of a perfect winter forest.

Natural Decor

Start with evergreens: whether you opt for fresh evergreen garlands and wreaths or find natural-looking artificials (and there are some great ones out there, so don't let that be a deterrent!), it's the first step to bringing the outside wonder indoors. 

You can use evergreen garlands to trim mantles and fireplaces (fire safety is priority though, so keep them away from any area where you know there's a chance for open flame) or use them to cover shelves and tables in festive flare.

Add lighting: When you're looking to keep it natural-looking, white lighting is going to be a great choice, but you can use whatever you prefer. Wrapping the lights into the garland is a classic way to add lighting, and it's classic for a reason--it works! You can also add flameless candles to your decor, the flickering light against the evergreen will look warm and inviting.

Cozy Critter BlanketIncorporate other natural elements: Once you've got your base set with your evergreens and lights, it's time to add some interest to your decor, and adding even more natural elements can fill out the winter wonderland fantasy. Oranges are a classic example (and smell great, too), fruit and nut bowls, wicker, and natural wood decorations all help bring the scene to completion.

Throw in some color: Finally, add some silver or gold bells or colorful ornaments to bring in the holiday cheer and complete the holiday look. The effort it takes to put this together is minimal but the effect is charming, and you'll be proud to invite everyone over.

Almost Snow

If you want to make a big impression, you can make one in no time with this simple approach. All it requires is setting a white background and then popping your favorite bright holiday colors off of it. 

Pop of Red on White

Start with a white surface: A simple white tablecloth, runner, tree skirt, or mantel scarf can set the perfect backdrop to make anything you choose come to life. You can also use artificial snow on shelves and tables to add an extra bit of dimension to your background.

Smile LED Lantern - Christmas SnowmanChoose your lighting: For this, you can use white lights to enhance the white base or pick multicolored lights to make it pop brightly. Using the lights as trim is probably the easiest way to incorporate them.

Add your colors: The white backdrop is the perfect way to make colors look brilliant, so choose bright reds, greens, blues, or purples to play off of it. Ornaments and decorations displayed against and nestled into the white surfaces will look ethereal in the lighting, and you'll be amazed at how beautiful it can become.

Glitz & Glam

Want to add some extravagant sparkle to your holiday scene? You can go glitz without a lot of work if you know what to focus on, and make your home look star-quality for the holidays.

Gold Decor

Neutral back drops: If you're going for elegance, a strong neutral backdrop can help set the mood. Rich black, clean white, or deep brown or all great surfaces for a good punch of glamour.

White lights & candles: For this, white light is the way to go, and incorporating candles is a great touch. Again, careful with open flames near your decor, but a candle or a warm fire going in the fireplace and take the atmosphere to the next level.

Silver Joy OrnamentSilver & Gold: Add gold and silver accents to your decor to take your room to the next level. Ornaments and decorations and trim in gold and silver will feel extravagant in the right light and with a strong neutral backdrop, and the effect will be entrancing.

When you're expecting people over for the holidays, decorating takes front and center, but don't make it hard on yourself: a simple formula of the right background, the right light, and the right pop of color or glamour will provide exactly what you need without the added stress.

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