Holiday gift guide 2015: the best grooming gifts for guys

When my husband is working from home or on vacation, he stops shaving for a few days. He has always hated shaving and loves the luxury of a break from the multiple-step process that interrupts his mornings. The ensuing “dot beard” (dubbed so by my daughter) is hailed as scratchy and tickly. He eventually shaves it all off but for a few days, the “beard” reigns. My 13-year-old is on the cusp of that masculine coming-of age ritual: shaving. He has eschewed the more trendy teen grooming products (Axe) and headed towards the old standard (Old Spice).

Needless to say, both of the men in my life need a serious grooming product upgrade. What better time than the holiday stocking to slip more natural and great-smelling male grooming products? Men (and boys) today have many natural and innovative grooming products. The Sephora and Ulta aisles have special sections filled with natural products with graphics that promise smoother beards and skin. For this holiday season, we have rounded up a few male grooming kits that fit perfectly in a stocking and a budget. All kits are under $50!

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