Holiday Shopping For the Executives

With just a few weeks inching away from the holidays, it’s about time to think about how to give gifts.  This is one way for savvy business executives to strengthen relationships by showing how much they appreciate their staff as well as clients. The holiday season is the best time to show gratitude and state, even in a simple way, how every business staff and crew contributed to the company’s success.

But alas! Executive shopping is no easy task. Buying gifts for a dozen—or more people can be excruciating and it’s always hard to find what suits everybody. As you go on planning for the gifts you want to give a favored employee or a nice client, we’re giving you some tips to make your holiday gift-buying a lot easier.

A good gift is always the item that will be appreciated by the receiver. However, when it comes to business, you want to make sure that the gift is appropriate and it speaks what your brand is all about. You also want to avoid any hint of conflict with any other businesses as well as government agencies pertaining to the value of gifts to be given. At best, you can just give a tiny present of appreciation with a personal touch that makes the gift something that comes from the heart.

What to do:

  1. Decide who you will be giving gifts to. You can choose to give presents to all the clients you have, or just a limited amount of those you enjoyed working with. Prepare the list with their information details, especially if you’re planning to have their presents delivered.
  2. Make a list. This will be the key factor in setting your budget. With this in mind, you will be able to know your gift options and you can set a budget for them in general, or piece by piece.
  3. Start buying early. When shopping for executive gifts, allow yourself to have plenty of time to choose. Manufacturers tend to become busier during the holidays and may not be able to accommodate your wishes in the time you desire.
  4. Make sure the gift is in good taste. Don’t go for the typical key chains or stationery; choose something extraordinary so that you will always be remembered.

If you’re at loss at what to give this Christmas, Karma Kiss recommends giving out Gift Cards. With our huge database of unique items, you can let your recipients choose their very own item at their liking. It’s a pure win-win for you and the receiver; you’re able to give a nice gift on a budget and they’re going to have something they can enjoy having in return!

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