How Valentine’s Day is Making the World a Better Place

KarmaKiss loves kissing. It is in our name after all. In that vein, we also love Valentine’s Day. With the special day of love approaching, it is the perfect time to discover how love and KarmaKiss-ing makes the world a better place.

While kissing is a great expression of love, studies have shown that there are possible health benefits as well. Kissing has been shown to reduce stress, lower blood pressure and release pain-relieving and feel-good hormones.  While you won’t lose weight kissing, you do burn a few calories every time you lock lips. And who doesn’t feel better about themselves when they get kissed by a special someone?  KarmaKiss has the perfect tangible gifting options to encourage kissing (and love) on Valentine’s Day and beyond.

The chocolate-covered strawberry—a Valentine’s Day staple. Instead of having to count gifted calories, try the KarmaKiss’ no-cal option of our Strawberry Sweet Lip Gloss Trio Gift Set. With the added Valentine’s Day health benefits of being Vitamin E enriched, this three piece giftable set includes dark chocolate, white chocolate and milk chocolate flavored lip glosses.

BYJ398 STRAWBERRY SWEET LIP GLOSS TRIO GIFT SETHelp your sweetheart save the Valentine’s Day environment one lunch bag at a time with the Fluf Organic Cotton Lunch Bag I Heart U. Made from organic cotton and easily cleaned, this lunch bag is the perfect way to show your sweetie how much you love them on a Valentine’s Day lunch and beyond. Saving the environment from the disposable products makes Cupid a happy angel too.

Fluf Organic Cotton Lunch Bag I Heart U

The world needs harmony and peace. Put a little harmony in your Valentine’s pocket or on their desk with the Heart Harmony Bell. Engrave the beautiful chiming metal heart-shaped bell with a Valentine’s Day message of love to your love. Every time the bell rings softly, they will think of you and the love you share.

HEART HARMONY BELLHelp your loved one follow their heart even if you aren’t around with the Message in a Bottle Necklace – Follow Your Heart. This adorable pendant necklace features a slim, retro bottle with a metal stamped dog tag inside encouraging the wearer to follow their heart. With a Valentine’s themed exterior and sweet message on the interior, this piece of jewelry will be one to remind her of how you follow her heart as well.
 Message in a Bottle Necklace - Follow Your Heart
Love after all makes the world go round. With these KarmaKiss Valentine’s Day gifting ideas, kiss your way into a better day and a better world!

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