Karma Kiss Halloween Swag: You can Give and Receive

Halloween is fast approaching and it’s time to begin thinking about what we can all do to celebrate.  The great thing about Halloween is that it’s not just about passing out candy to the kids dressed up in cute costumes.  Adults can have a bit of fun too.  And honestly, how much of an excuse do we really need to find a time to give and receive gifts?

For certain, Halloween affords one the opportunity to indulge in a bit of zany fun with unique gift items.  And where can folks find exciting and decidedly unique novelties and the like?  Why KarmaKissof course – as if you didn’t already know the answer.

Well, rhetorical questions aside, KarmaKiss has a whole of host of gifts suited for Halloween pleasure that are sure to capture the spirit of the occasion (or at least produce an appreciative and heartfelt smile).

Get Posable with Adam

Take, as a perfect example, Adam The Doodles Man.  If you haven’t seen one, then you are missing out on a truly unique item.  This is a free standing and fully adjustable figure that is made out of stainless steel wiring.

The articulated joints allow the figure to be posed in any manner you want; a perfect way to reflect your mood or to just do something fun. This is one of those items that not only creates a bit of fun for the owner, but is sure to garner the attention of whoever sees it displayed.

And because it produces an artsy flare on its own accord, the Adam the Doodles Man is suited to be prominently displayed in any room regardless of décor.  Measuring 12” in height, this item won’t be missed and offers a great gift option for Halloween.

Light Up the Occasion

Of course, Doodle Men are not the only cool offerings that KarmaKiss has for the eager Halloween shopper.  One of the more enjoyable aspects of Halloween is the great parties that often accompany the occasion.

We all enjoy having a good time and when we throw a party, we certainly want our guests to not only have fun, but enjoy the atmosphere of the hospitality of our homes.  Nothing enhances the home party décor more than the KarmaKiss ‘Remake it! Bottle Lamp.’

Honestly, this is one of the most ingenious items you will probably encounter.   Essentially, this is a lamp that is made out of used bottles.  The recycling aspects aside, this is a great and stylish motif that can be added to any home or office setting.  Now your favorite drinks can have a useful purpose beyond quenching your thirst.

The design of the lamp allows owners to include the bottles of their choice.  This versatility allows owners to infuse their own style into their lamps to further enhance the style any room.  What better way to illuminate your Halloween party décor, than with a few Remake it! Bottle lamps lighting the way?

Practical and Sheek or Interesting Costume Item?

Speaking of décor, Halloween offers the ideal time to spruce up any living space.  And because KarmaKiss carries such a diverse line of products, there are many items to choose from to achieve this.  A particularly nice item that harkens to times past is the Classic Retro Princess Telephone.

The retro style is always fashionable and one that so many can appreciate.  In this particular instance, the Classic Retro Princess Telephone is an especially great piece. This is a fully functional telephone that features a nostalgic design from decades past.

In an age of smartphone and laptops, not many folks remember a time when phones had separate headsets and rotary dials.  The Princess Telephone has all of this and more.  You can imagine the appreciative and exciting looks that will be received when onlookers and guests take a gander at your old time telephone. 

You might even have to begin charging people who will be more than eager to make a call just to try it out (does anyone remember payphones?).  With Halloween being a time of disguise and appearance altering, there is nothing better than a nostalgic gift item that serves a useful purpose.

KarmaKiss: Your Stop for Quality in Novelty

Whew… KarmaKiss is certainly the place to go for novelty items.  With prices that are affordable and a product lineup that is distinctly unique and exciting, you simply cannot go wrong with your gift purchasing options at KarmaKiss. In fact, in addition to the gifts you purchase for loved ones, you may be very tempted to get the same item for yourself.

And why not, you deserve to partake in a bit of self indulgence every once in awhile and KarmaKiss is more than willing to accommodate you.  Take a few minutes to sample what they have to offer and you are sure to find something that will make you smile.


Featured Image Halloween Pumpkin And Lights by Petr Kratochvil.

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