Product Spotlight: Calypso Cards

Say you care with a card, and say it creatively. Karma Kiss points you to a collection of unique, illustrated card series that will put a smile on the recipient’s face. Or maybe plaster a grin. Whatever reaction you’d like to have, you can just pick a perfect card to match up that mood. And you can never go wrong with wonderfully illustrated greetings that aren’t normally found in the bookstore.

Calypso Cards publishes and distributes creative, fun cards with a focus on humor and contemporary art, giving voice and style to everyone’s desire to connect. And you’ll find it delightful that CARTE (Calypso Art Editions), commissions artists from around the world. Their roster includes Budi Satria Kwan from Indonesia, Lorena Siminovich (originally from Argentina, now living in the US and working on her Petit Collage children’s collection), Jonathan Smith from Scotland, and many more!

Calypso Cards are produced to take a new spin on the season’s greetings. Birthdays, Holidays or just plain normal days, you can make it a bit more special by sending your family or loved one a surprise letter. Or you can encourage an office-mate or leave a card for a newly-made friend at a coffee shop.

Whenever you can’t say it, you can always write it. This time, write it with a bit of flair and fun!

Oh, and since Christmas is a bit more than two months, you might want to stock up on our jolly, merry Calypso Cards to send to your relatives far away. Saying you care conquers all the distance.

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