Product Spotlight: The Tentacle Pen

Writing has been a difficult task to some, and picking up a ball pen rather than typing on a keyboard is rather tedious. However, we can’t live without writing, so why not put some excitement in it by using something more fun? If you’re bored at scribbling down lectures and homework, you certainly won’t be dull with our new item, the Tentacle Pen! Surprise your teacher with this scary looking ball pen, appearing like a squid’s tentacles and is eager to squirt out its black pigment anywhere!

Trod on with your writing works with this creative extra hand to help you pull off those dozen of words. Enjoy the whole writing experience by setting a grip on its resin material and let your writings glide on paper with a black ink!


This is a perfect gift for the sea creature lover, or for anyone who wants an extraordinary writing material that will take the boredom out of text.

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