Salt & Pepper Essentials: Shakers & Grinders

Salt and pepper. What can we do without them? These two basic condiments help enhance our meals’ flavors, and make us appreciate the food even more. They’re a must in every table, but why put them in regular shaker bottles when you have a plethora of decorative options? We present to you our new shaker and grinders to make your eatng time more pleasurable!

A Pinch & Dash

For the food experts who understands how to measure condiments without the need of tool, a pinch and dash is enough. This salt & pepper set is a nice decor that gives a satisfying heaping of condiments with its fingers. Just the thing when you need a hand to help you out in the kitchen!

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A Mythical Mermaid

Let this beautiful belle become more than a decorative element on your table. Adding salt and pepper to meals have never been so enchanting with this lovely porcelain dispenser around!

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The robots are taking over, at least on your table. This mechanical helper helps you grind and pour the right amount of pepper over your meal. Enjoy having this assistant on your cooking sessions. But, be careful; this is not a toy!

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With A Tweet

This pair of porcelain doves will remind you of whom you are making these meals for. Do it with love, and let this charming duo provide a beautiful decorative salt and pepper set alternative for your dinners.

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We’ve got a lot more of these useful, decorative items you can use for a pleasurable kitchen and dining experience! See the whole collection here >>

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