Smile! 6 Grin-Worthy Gifts

When you aren't sure what to get for someone (and let's be honest, that happens all the time--some people are just hard to shop for!), it's time to look for something that is guaranteed to make anyone smile.

That's what these gifts are about: gifts that are sure to produce a grin because they are, by their very nature, fun!

Bubble Straw Dolphin Kiss

Bubble Straw Dolphin Kiss

For kids and fun-loving grown-ups alike, the adorable Bubble Straw Dolphin Kiss is a winner. Not only is it cute and fun, it's also completely functional and easy to wash so you can reuse it again and again.

Whether you're sipping a drink by the pool or hanging out inside together watching TV and playing games, these friendly dolphin companions will give everyone a smile.

Haters Gonna Hate Tee

Haters Gonna Hate T-Shirt

A good t-shirt, and I mean a really good t-shirt, the kind that fits and is comfortable in all the right places and looks cool, is already going to make you smile, but throw a "Haters Gonna Hate" on there and it's that much better. A little attitude can go a long way to making someone feel like a boss, after all.

The shirt itself is made from spun cotton and is made with a unisex design to be universally soft and comfortable. Plus, it comes in six colors, so you can say it any way you like.

Unicorn Cushion Decorative Pillow

Unicorn Decorative Pillow

Grumpy Cat PillowFor the fun-loving decorator in your life, the whimsical Unicorn Cushion Decorative Pillow is a must-have. Its bright colors, artsy design, and fantastical nature make it a win-win for anyone looking to add a touch of colorful joy to their space.

And for those who are a little less whimsical and a little more wry, the Grumpy Cat Pillow fits right in with its dry look and "Geek" sweatshirt, Grumpy Cat is ready to make an impression on anyone who hangs out in your space.

It's Not All Rainbow Sprinkles Coasters

It's Not All Rainbow Sprinkles

All right, sure, coasters are super practical. These are made of sturdy cork, will last a long time, and protect your surfaces, and that's cool and all, but it's this less-than-spirited donut that really matters.

The It's Not All Rainbow Sprinkles Coasters are sure to get a snicker or at least a grin every time you set one out. Next time you're having friends over for coffee, tea, or a beer and snacks, you're set with this 2-set.

Desktop Edition Golf Game

Desktop Golf Game

For the person in your life who gets bored and restless at work (or who just really likes golf), the Desktop Edition Golf Game is like a sign from heaven. The clouds part and out comes the golf game they can keep on their desk and play whenever they want.

Stuck in the office but need a brain break? Play a round of desktop golf. Have a friend stopping by the office for a few minutes, share the grins with a quick game. 

And it even just looks cool. What's not to love?

Good Measure Cocktails Recipe Glass

Good Measure Vodka Glass

What's your favorite beverage? What's your favorite adult beverage? What if you could mix your favorite drink in a glass that makes it as simple as pouring it in? That's why the Good Measure Cocktails Recipe Glasses are sure to make you smile, right there.

Not much better than a perfectly mixed drink, but when that perfectly mixed drink takes 3 seconds and no effort to make, well, that's infinitely better. 

Whatever makes you smile, whatever makes you laugh, you'll always find something in our little corner of the internet that will make you do both. So go ahead. Smile; it looks good on you!

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