Stashing for the Stocking Stuffers

It’s not surprising that the kids are pulling out their Christmas stockings and hanging it somewhere inside your home. Some have only small wishes like a little trinket or candy, but there are also those with great demands like the new remote control plane or the newest doll series. Either ways, you’re obliged to fill it up—in case Santa doesn’t—so your kids wouldn’t go disappointed. If you’re wondering what to stash it with, you’ve come to the right place. Karma Kisshas a collection of unique and gifty things you can use to load up those empty stockings and put a smile on a kid’s face.

Check out these suggestions:

Is your kid hooked on solving the Rubiks cube? Well here’s another game he’ll surely like! The Mini Bamboo Brainteaser Puzzles offers a fun new experience for the curious young geniuses who loves solving shapes. You can buy him one or more, and let him enjoy unlocking answers for this wooden riddle.

For the fashionable girls, giving them a set of Cupcake Cutie Lip Gloss will definitely make them happy. Who wouldn’t love these cosmetic cherry tints for their lips, all wrapped in a cute little cupcake packaging?

A gadget geek will definitely find our Mouse Usb 2.0 Hub useful. This lets them plug in their handy devices such as a game console or smartphones on their laptops and computers whenever a USB hub is stacked up. The cute mouse design is also an adorable feature for this gift.

For the driver, why not give them a charming Press And Flash Key Light for their car keys? The adorable animals will guard their keys safely, with a light to illuminate dark corners of their vehicles whenever their flashlight runs out of batteries. Who doesn’t like a fun and functional little gift like this?

If you want to give something sentimental, pick our necklace and charm sets like the “Dream Big. Reach for the Stars” Greeting Card, Necklace & Charm. This little card contains a heartfelt message that inspires any recipient. And there’s a really wonderful bonus to boot—a lovely little charm that they can wear to remind them of you and your words.

We’ve got something for the hard worker too! Gift them the Julien Tyvek Wallet – Paperwallet Artist Edition to remind them that everything they have been working on will have its own reward. Of course, you can insert a few bills inside to start off their savings.

Looking for a few more things to stash your children’s stockings? See this page >>



Credits: Miss Von Smith

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