The Complete 2014 Halloween Gift Guide – 20 Tiny Treats Under $15

Halloween is just around the corner! For some people it is their favorite holiday and getting spooky, fun gifts for them is just what you’re looking for. All under $15, you’ll make someone’s day and stay within budget!


1. This awesome little key ring not only gives you light, but roars while he does it! Who doesn’t want a pocket dragon for Halloween? It’s great for kids or for kids at heart!


2. If someone you know is throwing a great party, why not help them out with Halloween wine bottle stickers? This pack of stickers fits around most wine bottles, giving them fun and creepy new labels. Or, wrap a bottle of wine before you bring it to a house party! Either way, it makes a great gift!

3. We all know a person who collect shot glasses. But do they have anything THIS cool? Probably not! This shot glass has the actual visage of the Mayan skull of doom and will impress anyone.

4. Novelty neck ties just seem perfect for the guy in your life who loves Halloween. This set of four gives him plenty of fashionable options and will work not just for Halloween but all of October!

5. Have a friend with little trinkets everywhere? They’ll love this Halloween, Day of the Dead style skull box. It comes in four different colors and will be spooktacular in helping them stay organized!

6. Know someone who loves to bake? These Nomskull cupcake molds will give their baked goods a ghoulish edge, perfect for the holidays. Maybe little brain cupcakes? Just don’t have them scaring everybody!

7. Pet lovers need great gifts for their little buddies too. This zombie foot dog toy just goes to show that if there ever was a zombie apocalypse, their dog would probably have a field day!

8. A great Halloween gift for the kids, these Scurry Bug pull bag toys will be creepily crawling everywhere once they get their hands on them. No batteries are required, just pull back and go!

9. This “Bonehead” beer koozie is perfect for the friend who always has a 6 pack in the fridge. Koozies keep in the cold for much longer and make bottles easy to grab. With a classic skull and crossbones design, it’s great for Halloween but can definitely be used all year round (especially if they are a pirate).

10. If you need the perfect gift for a reader, or for someone who loves zombies or maybe takes apocalyptic prepping seriously, this is the perfect guide. Give them this guide and then make sure to find them when the zombies come; you’ll at least know they’ll help you survive!


11. Perfect for the kids, these monster hand temporary tattoos let their hands have costumes too! They wash off easily but are great for anytime, especially Halloween!

12. Let’s get spooky with this skull pen set. Put them in your child’s bag for school, give them to a co-worker at your job, use them as gifts for a party! They make great extras for the holiday!

Glow in the Dark Halloween Character Tote

Glow in the Dark Halloween Character Tote

13. These wonderful totes are perfect for the kids in your life, or a friend who has a few little ones. They can be personalized with their names and glow in the dark, making trick or treating more of an adventure!

14. For the friend or family member who loves going all out with decor for each holiday, this cute sign is perfect in the kitchen. Sparkly, festive and fun, they’ll love putting this up for October.

15. Halloween is all about the candy, right? These polka dot candy lip gloss are a great way to celebrate the sweet part of the holiday. They come in containers that look like wrapped candies and make great gift bag stuffers for a Halloween party.

16. For the decor lover in your life, these tea light candle holders are just the cutest spiders ever. And normally, spiders are far from cute. But these little guys make for great gifts to warm up the home!

17. Jim Shore is well known for his great wooden crafted statues. These cutie owl is ready to celebrate Halloween with your friends and family, and makes a great gift for the home.

18. Thse Monster Opto Poppers are another great gift for both kids or adults who just want to be kids forever. When you squeeze them, a foam eyeball pops out! Great for a creepy good time.

19. LED light up shoelaces are a great gift for kids for Halloween. They’ll look great when trick or treating and their mom or dad can easily keep track of where they are. It’s a win/win for all!

20. This pack of 20 gooey rats are great for the friend who loves creeping people out… or maybe you want to creep THEM out! These gooey rats can stick on a multitude of surfaces and with 20 of them, where you can put them is endless!

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