The Karma Kiss Clearance Sale!

Karma Kiss loves to bring you the best deal in every way, which is why we are always looking for new and interesting items, as well as restocking your favorite gifts. As we replenish our digital shelves with new and tasteful items, we wouldn’t want to forget our old forgets. We’re giving you ample time to catch them while there are still stocks left, and the best place you can go is our Clearance page!

Here, we’re summing up a few of your beloved gifty items and make them available in a limited number. So grab on to our new deals as we clear out our shelves for space; we’re sure you can find something neat inside this category. Plant lovers, recycling enthusiasts or anyone who wants a few cool trinkets can definitely enjoy what our Clearance has to offer. Take a look at some of the items:

Runaway Wind Up Cakes – Set Of 3. Sweets make up much calories that needs to be burned. And what better way to burn those carbs away than by running? Wind up these pretty little cakes and let them escape your sweet tooth! It’s a perfect trick for children who loves snacking on some tarts. Won’t they be surprised if they see the sweets running away?

Bottle Id Marker Bands. Love to drink? Well, you might have experienced being confused at which bottle is whose. With these nifty marker bands, you won’t ever pick up a bottle that’s not yours!

Happy Bug Pins. A nice gift for the little nature lover, these pins feature images of our favorite little bugs, effusing with smiles and warmth for your budding biologist.

Cable Yuck Ties. Yuck! These animals put their tongue out as a sneer or a jeer, but they’re certainly useful, if not charmingly adorable. Perfect for the little prankster who enjoys playing around with everything. Let them clear up the wires and beautify their desks in this funny animal ties.

There goes our list. Remember, stocks are running fast, so take hold of our clearance deals and give yourself, or someone special, a nice gifty treat! Start your clearance hunt here on Karma Kiss!


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