The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Black Friday 2014

Do you know why the day of shopping following Thanksgiving was coined, “Black Friday”? Back in the 1960s, “Black” had referred to retail shops moving from “red” (loss) to “black” (profit), according to how accounting records were kept. Black Friday has only gotten bigger and better throughout the years, and you are going to need to prepare for it the best way possible if you want to snag any awesome deals. Karma Kiss has you covered, let’s do this!

1.Jot down a list of those things that you absolutely want, second options if you don’t get those “absolutely need” items, then things that you may like, but won’t flip out about if you don’t bring them home. From what we’ve seen, most folks go for the electronic items, so if a new flat screen is on your list, go for that aisle first.

2. Download 1-2 smart phone apps that will notify you of any new sales, help you with finding parking, and even give you the option to create and up-to-date wish list while you’re shopping. We like the TGIBF app that’s available for the iPhone, iPad, and Android!

3. Map out the stores that you plan to check out. You should know different routes to get around the area, just in case traffic is insanely difficult. Have a look at the layout of your fav shops – Plan to go to each store “along the way” rather than going back and forth.

4. Do you know the hours of operation for each of your select Black Friday stores? For a long time now, most stores open their doors at the midnight hour after Thanksgiving day. Make sure to set an alarm to wake up after you’ve fallen into a food coma after all of that feasting you’ll be doing!

5. How do you plan on paying for everything? Some credit card companies offer amazing benefits like earning reward points or dollars back, protection plans that stores may not offer towards any items you may return, and they’re a lot easier to handle when there’s hundreds of other shoppers wanting to get through the line. Pack some tote bags to hold your small ticket items. They are durable, and you can always pack more in them than the bags from the store. These tote bags are also great camouflage when you store them in your car, from any Black Friday thieving activity.

6. Lastly, only begin to put together your ads that you get in your mail and emails closest to Thanksgiving day – This way, you will have have the most up-to-date ads. Bringing paper ads with you to your stores of choice are beneficial, if stores match the lowest prices possible if they show a higher price tag in house.

Oh! P.S. Be sure to read the fine print when it comes to returns, or exchanges. Nobody likes to feel buyers’ remorse!

Happy shopping this year folks! If you don’t find everything you need out there, Karma Kiss already has everything organized, and you don’t have to wait in line to shop! Leave us a comment below with any other Black Friday shopping cheat sheet tips you would share.

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