Things You Can Do This 4th Of July

Still stuck on what to do on tomorrow’s Independence Day? Here are some suggestions on what you and your family can enjoy during the 4th of July!

  1. Watch fireworks. New York celebrates its Independence Day fireworks festival on the East River, with three barges allowing Brooklyn Heights, Lower Manhattan and Dumbo the best few to the event. Find cruises and rooftop bars for your enjoyment.
  2. Get Sporty. Denver and other states offer athletic-themed celebrations for your 4th of July enjoyment. Watch homestead leagues in your local state and celebrate this day with screams, sweat and victory in a memorable way!
  3. Jam with a band. Or just listen to them. Either ways, music will set your heart on the right tone. Whatever your preference is: classical concerts or an Independence Day rock show, you’re sure to enjoy this event with your friends.
  4. Get awed at motorcycle stunts. Rosebowl offers a musical performance of the Liverpool Legends side by side with local motorcycle stunts. This is a must-see event if you’re a motorbike enthusiast, and a way to inspire the younger generation in the art of biking!
  5. Go Sci-Fi. Florida offers a twist on celebrating the 4th of July with its edgy, futuristic new theme happening at the Celebration Town Center. The geeks will love it, and the kids will learn something about science or two in a really cool way!

We’re quite sure there’s a lot happening in your local community, and we’re excited to know how YOU will be celebrating this event with your family and friends! Is it fun, unique and extraordinary? Share it with us by commenting below!

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