Three Funky New Items For The Kids (Plus A Lot More Fresh Stuff!)

Every parent wants nothing but the best for their kids. That’s why here on Karma Kiss, we only give you the best products imbibed with fun, function and versatility you can purchase for your child. We think just like a parent in wanting to offer only excellent clothing and accessory options for the kids. The products we feature are all handpicked and chosen carefully for being useful to each of our customers, as well as being safe and environment-friendly.

Stacked new this week are fresh arrivals from our hand-picking adventure, and there’s a lot of things you can give out to your little prince and princesses! It’s my pleasure to give you a little tour of what’s new in for you, so check out our fresh featured products below!

Bright Tights!

We’ve found a lovely collection of Organic Toddler Tights to help you dress up your babies easily and stylishly. With its double-seam backside, these tights can be worn over diapers, helping your child to look dandy! The stripe design on the fabric is made of chemical-free dyes so you can be sure that your baby’s clothing is safe and non-toxic!

Lovely Little Lips

A perfect filler for giveaways, or individually wrapped on its own, the Lip Gloss Ring Glitter Dome is one jam-packed accessory. It is a fashionable glitter ring on the outside and comes in different pastel color. However, the dome keeps a secret: a luscious, fruity container of lip balm your girls will have fun swiping on their lips!

Stylish Short Sleeves

Dress up your kid in this soft-blend organic cotton fabric from Kee Ka. Just when your chubby little angel feels a bit grown-up from their rompers and overalls, it’s time to give them freedom and fashion with a simple striped top. This toddler tee comes in many color combination and you can easily find the right one for your boy or girl.

What else do we have? Karma Kiss has found a series of colorful schlepp bags, organizers, peepers and coolers! We’ve also curated a unique collection of magical unicorns! You gotta see THAT! Head on to our New Stuff page and see the rest of our fresh arrivals!

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