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Too Cool for School Bags

We all know that school bags are chosen for their function. However, that’s not the only reason for that purchasing decision; we want our kids’ school bags to be interesting, vibrant and unique as them! Whoever says that school bags are meant to be mundane haven’t seen Karma Kiss’ curated collection of charming school bags. Before your children hits the school, make sure they’re armed with fashionable and functional bags like the ones you can only see in our store.

Check out some of our too cool for school bags, each with their own unique charm:

The variety of Eco Snoopers, like the Eco Snoopers – Rabbit Plush Backpack, is a great choice for the kids who LOVES nature. Putting the plush into the backpack, your kid will hardly feel alone with this companion creature always by his back. The cute animals will also inspire them to learn more about Mother Earth and how to take care of it. Plus, this item is made from nature friendly materials too!

For the soldier-wannabe kids, the Madpax Bubble Full Backpack – Commando is the perfect choice for a school bag. It comes with a design that will make them feel as if they’re going on a battle (with their assignments, perhaps!) and will stoutly brave over these circumstances to win over.

If your kid needs a bit of a tug and pull to help them with their things, the Melissa & Doug Trunki Kids Carry On Trolley – Blue Terrance will be a nice present for them. The two strap will make them feel like a grown up with their own luggage, like little men and women adorable to behold. It comes with many styles and colors which makes school enjoyable for the kids.

Hung over this summer? Why not carry your things on our Large Light Blue Schlepp Bag – Swim? The other variants of our Schlepp bags includes various hobbies and names which are perfect for any boy and girl to use. The vibrant colors along with the glossy texture makes this a modern bag fit for every occasion.

Of course, everyone has to take good care of their laptops, and the Ciao Fluff Scooter Girl Laptop Bag will be a pretty pouch where you can slip your handy computer. The girly designs plus the candy colors makes this a fashionable item for the princess who loves getting in style.

We’ve got a lot more our Back to School 2013 items on our store! View them here >>



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