What Goes on at the Most Amazing Baby Showers?

Gone are the baby shower days with toilet paper wrapping of the mother and a sampler game of mystery baby food. Today’s baby showers have a new level of sophistication.

The Gender Reveal: The first thing making an appearance at many baby showers is the “reveal” cake or cupcake from a favorite bakery. Moms-to-be have their OB send in the gender of the child and every guest (and often the parents themselves) are surprised as to the sex of the child. Even Krispy Kreme has gotten into the action with a reveal donut filled with either pink or blue cream!

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The Food: While gender-reveal desserts are a fun trend, the food served at baby showers has also evolved well-past standard baby shower fare. Moms-to-be are having catered showers with all mini items like tiny chicken wings or themed Southern fare. Cupcakes still reign supreme but cake pops and candy buffets are also a sweet spot at many showers.

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The Drink: While the mommy might not be drinking, often baby showers include a special themed cocktail for non-prego guests. From mimosas to pink and blue sugar-rimmed glasses and fun non-alcoholic options, baby shower guests can definitely tout the new parents with congratulations.

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The Games: Games at baby showers have evolved into memory-making opportunities. Guests are encouraged to write sweet thoughts with fabric pins on bibs for the baby. Other activities can include onesie-making stations where each guest decorates a onesie for the new baby.

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The Traditional Gifts: Careful registering ensures that mom doesn’t receive 4 Diaper Genies. But the registration process now includes a wider range of mommy options. From diaper services to post-natal fitness classes, gifts at a baby shower can go well beyond the traditional stroller and high chair. Photography sessions are also a gift makes that first year easy to record. Fun tummy number stickers from Sticky Bellies make a fun gift that records baby’s growth changes every month.

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The Non-Traditional Gifts: Gifts at baby showers still include the requisite everyone-chipped-in-for-this-stroller but have also evolved into more intangible options. Gift certificates for everything from cord banking to a spa day for mom pop up at today’s baby showers. Moms are also gifted with meal delivery options pre and post baby with healthy options available to arrive to help the harried new mommy. Moms also request hospital items as shower gifts. Special hospital gowns made from fun fabrics with details that make delivery and nursing easier and less clinical have become a new shower gift choice. Guests at baby showers can even be encouraged to bring a book to the baby in lieu of a traditional gift. A written and dated personal note to the child and parents in the book makes it a special keepsake and builds the child’s library in the process.

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Anything for the Guys to do: Dads are now getting into the baby shower action. While many men just attend the baby shower, there is a growing trend to dad showers. Dads get together and gift the new father with manly diaper bags and Daddy Boot Camp gift certificates. New dads get advice from more experience dads.

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What More Can an Awesome Baby Shower Include: The college fund even comes into play at baby showers. Moms and dads set up a funding site that guests can donate to start or add to a 529 account for their child. Finally, some mommies are eschewing the idea of gifts entirely. Charitable showers request that guests bring in donations of money or baby items to local domestic violence shelters or other women’s causes.

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While baby shower activities and gift trends may have changed a little, the main parts of a baby shower have not. Mom (and often dad) get to spend time with their family and friends celebrating the impending arrival of their new little one. Getting gifts to help out financially with the baby is just the proverbial icing on the reveal cake.

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