Why We Love The Have a Party With Your Bear Day

In an election month, all adult eyes turn towards the President and the elections taking place. In the forties, Teddy Roosevelt changed that focus for the eyes of children to be on the stuffed teddy bear name in his honor. On November 19th, we celebrate Have a Party With Your Bear Day. What better way to get away from all the politics of the world than to have a picnic or tea party with a soft, cuddly friend?

Play the Bear Card

Before you can Have a Party With Your Bear Party, you need to have the perfect card for your guests (bear or otherwise). What better card to bring some silliness to a Wednesday than a Calypso Cards Ten Pounds Younger Card card? You can read it to yourself after you dine on biscuits and tea or Hershey Bars and Kit Kits while cuddling with your favorite teddy bear.

Calypso Ten Pounds Younger Card

Bear Relaxation

Election woes got you down? Try a Spa and Herbal Therapy Huggie Bear as your companion after your work. Soft and brown, he won’t talk back or debate parties and healthcare reform. Instead he offers a little comfort and the calming aromatherapy scents of lavender and buckwheat. Sooth your aching temples by warming up the Spa and Herbal Therapy Huggie Bear in the microwave for all-natural headache relief. While you can eat all the leftover Halloween candy you find, this Huggie bear offers only comfort; an x for a mouth means you don’t have to share.

Spa and Herbal Therapy Huggie Bear


Cookies with Bears

Every party needs some cookies. Store them in our adorable Cookie Jar Bear that is the perfect keeper of all cookies from chocolate chip to sugar.

Bear Cookie Jar

If you plan on throwing a truly epic party on the equally epic Have a Party With Your Bear Day, even Yogi needed someplace to throw away his party supplies. The Red Party Cup Trash Bin is the perfect place for you and any party guests (or bears) to toss red cups or even brown bear cups.

Red Party Cup Bin

Bearing Around Money

If someone tells you to grin and bear it, you know 11/19 is not only Hump Day but also Have a Party With your Bear Day. Before you head out on this Wednesday, toss an Eco Snoopers Smile a Lot Bear Purse into your purse or gym bag. You can smile a lot all day with your mini party-in-your-purse bear.

Eco Snoopers Smile A Lot Bear Purse

Giant Gummy Bear Party

On the other end of the bear scale of fun, try snacking on World’s Largest Gummy Bear. Available in many fun flavor combinations, this 5-pound gummy bear is the equivalent of 1,400 regular gummy bears and could keep the party going through the weekend.

World’s Largest Gummy Bear

At KarmaKiss, we love Have a Party With Your Bear Day with soft bears, teddy bears, stuffed bears and even gummy bears; just not grizzly bears. Join us as we all celebrate with a cup of tea and a spot of honey. However, you celebrate Have a Party With your Bear day, make it a fun Wednesday on 11/19. Help make Teddy Roosevelt proud.

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